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Ultrasonic Facial

Ultrasonic facial uses ultrasound scrapper that uses vibrations to effectively remove blackheads, dead skin cells, and dirt, allowing the skin to regain cleanliness. It also gently massages face so the skin can regain its elasticity and boost collagen regeneration. Exfoliation is enhanced with the use of exfoliant enzyme papaya.    

Ultrasonic facial benefits include removal of deep-seated dirt, nourishes flaky skin, and evens out skin texture for a smooth complexion. It also decreases the visibility of acne, blackheads, pimples, wrinkles, and fine lines. Additionally, it lifts the skin and improves color.

Treatment starts with facial cleansing to remove dirt and excess oil, followed by a facial massage to relax skin /muscle tension. Next step is the use of steamer to open up the pores. Once pores are open, treatment begins using the ultrasound scrubber, and enzyme exfoliant papaya. Papaya is a natural fruit enzyme that dissolves and exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal a radiant complexion. 

Once treatment is done,collagen mask is applied on the face,  followed LED therapy.

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